Common Fashion Mistakes to Avoid During Monsoon

The monsoon season is also known as the rainy season, which brings excessive rainfall. The season of rain is the most romantic of all. For women, we have given many tips for rainy fashion. This post gives some tips for men. There are some very common mistakes men can end up making during the monsoon as far as fashion is concerned. Here are some mistakes to avoid making during monsoon.

White Shirt
Men love to wear white shirts, but it should be avoided in rainy season. In no time, a white shirt can get ruined in rain and also annoy the people who look at you. White colour is so vibrant enough to pick up dirt first. The mud might get all over your white shirt and it does not matter whether you are inside a bus or car. So, it’s strongly recommended to avoid white top and bottom.

The reason why it is always advisable not to wear denims is because they are thick and when drenched it becomes heavy and uncomfortable. They normally take a long time to dry. So, it would make you more uncomfortable in office. In monsoon, it’s always advised to wear linen pants or trousers. Cargo pants are also a very good option in rains. For casual wear, track pants or shorts are perfect. It’s very nice to wear short length pant because it will not grab dirt and mud.

Leather Shoes
In monsoon season, it’s always advisable not to wear leather shoes as these get easily spoilt when they come in contact with water or mud. Open sandals are also not to be used – they might not collect water, but make the foot dirty. Always wear closed shoes; grab a pair of gumboots, which are the best to wear in rainy season.

Hair Gel
The only reason to avoid hair gel or any hair styling product during rainy season is because it will make hair even greasier and allow dirt to stick to scalp. It may cause hair loss as well. Rain makes the surroundings humid and gel can worsen the condition of hair in such cases.

Tight Fitting Clothes
Always avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes in monsoon as they tend to stick to the body when wet. Besides, wet and sticky clothes will only be irritable and uncomfortable to walk around with. Whenever you have to go out in rain, prefer comfortable clothes.

These are the 5 fashion mistakes men generally tend to commit during monsoon. So, if monsoon is on the way, stay away from these pitfalls.

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